Message from the Chairperson

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of Nanotech Malaysia 2018, it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Malaysia.  Nanotechnology has captured the attention of the world. All developed countries are trying to cash in on the intellectual property generated as devices are scaled down to nanometer scale and their potential applications explored. Traditionally, we engineers are trained through the channel of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It is not difficult to conjecture that biology is an essential basic science for engineers to include in their future design applications. We do also include the manpower resource development through education and commercialization an essential feature of this conference. Concerted efforts are being made, or are planned, to facilitate the conversion of research and development into products. This is encouraging government-industry-business-academia interactions around the globe with a view to help each other to reap the benefit of the emerging technology, in concert with the theme of the conference.


Nanoelectronics, the major emphasis of this conference, will see dramatic transformation.  Molecular, polymer, and DNA electronics are alternate paradigms for nanoelectronics. Major advances have included inexpensive organic transistor chips to act as tags for identification of products, parcels, and postage.  Every one is looking for the next innovation to bring back economic good times, and nano is become venture capitalist’s favorite. Nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanoengineering, and nanobusiness are all moving targets, creating new start-ups among the unlikely partners. The complete nano-ensemble, by its very nature is a multi- and inter-disciplinary venture. I hope this conference will trigger the debate on potential and pitfalls of nano-ensemble in its various forms.  So, welcome the opportunity to be here and learn from the conference.


Abdul Manaf Hashim
General Chair, Nanotech Malaysia 2018