Invited Speaker

Prof Dr Kanji Yasui 
(Nagaoka University of Technology, JAPAN)
Title: Catalytic-Reaction Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition for Metaloxide Film Growth



Prof Dr Seiya Kasai
(Hokkaido University, JAPAN)
Title: Electronic Representation of Nature-inspired Functions for Nano-scale Electronic Systems



Prof Dr Kenzo Maehashi
(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, JAPAN)
Title: High-performance Graphene Devices and Applications



Prof Dr Yutaka Wakayama  
(National Institute for Materials Science, JAPAN)
Title: Novel Organic Transistor for Flexible Logic Circuits



Prof Dr Sulaiman Wadi Harun
(Universiti Malaya, MALAYSIA)
Title: Exploiting Nanomaterials for Ultrafast Photonics and Sensing



Prof Dr Ramesh T. Subramaniam
(Universiti Malaya, MALAYSIA)
Title: Nanomaterials in Polymer Electrolytes



Prof Dr Mon-Shu Ho
(National Chung Hsing University, TAIWAN)
Title: Characterization of Fullerenes on Si Substrate and Their Application in Devices



Prof Dr Cheong Kuan Yew
(Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA)
Title: Aloe Polysaccharides Thin Film as a Sustainable Material for Nonvolatile Memory Application: Paving Ways Towards All-Natural Electronic Concept


Prof Dr Kentarou Sawano
(Tokyo City University, JAPAN)
Title: Strained Ge Optoelectronic Devices Integrated on a Si Platform



Prof Dr Azlan Abdul Aziz
(Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA)
Title: Ultrasonochemical: A low Resource Setting for Nanostructure Formation and Growth



Prof Dr Munehiro Kimura
(Nagaoka University of Technology, JAPAN)
Title: Nano-particle and Liquid Crystals



Prof Dr Tomoaki Terasako
(Ehime University, JAPAN)
Title: Fe-assisted Chemical Bath Deposition of Highly Oriented Cu2O Films and Formation of ZnO Nanorods/Cu2O Heterojunctions



Assoc Prof Dr Taketomo Sato
(Hokkaido University, JAPAN)
Title: Precisely-controlled Etching of Gallium Nitride Utilizing Electrochemical Reactions



Assoc Prof Dr Yoshifumi Morita
(Gunma University, JAPAN)

Title: Quantum Design of Carbon-based Superconducting Devices



Assoc Prof Dr Negishi Ryota
(Osaka University, JAPAN)
Title: Restoration and Layer-by-layer Growth of Graphene Structures by Controlling Partial Pressure of Ethanol Vapor through High Process Temperature



Assoc Prof Dr Shaoyun Huang
(Peking University, P.R. CHINA)
Title: Coupling Multiple Quantum Dots in a Single InAs Nanowire with High Tenability



Assoc Prof Dr Nafarizal Nayan
(Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, MALAYSIA)
Title: Plasma Processing and Diagnostics for Bio-related Applications



Assoc Prof Ir Dr Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad
(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MALAYSIA)
Title: Microfluidic Devices for Single Cell Analysis: Three Examples in Single Cell Mass Determination, Single Cell Trapping and Single Cell Sorting



Assoc Prof Dr Brian Yuliarto
(Institut Teknologi Bandung, INDONESIA)
Title: Development of Metal Oxide Nanostructure for Sensors Applications



Dr Kamyar Shameli
(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – MJIIT, MALAYSIA)
Title: Green Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles Mechanisms and Applications



Dr Tsung-Tse Lin
Title: Recent Progress of High-power THz QCLs



Dr Takahiro Mori
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, JAPAN)
Title: ON-current Boosting Technology for Silicon Tunnel Field-effect Transistors


Dr Hendrik Oktendy Lintang
(Universitas Ma Chung, INDONESIA)
Title: Supramolecular Organic Nanostructures for Advanced Luminescent Nanomaterials


Dr Abdul Rahman Mohmad
(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, MALAYSIA)
Title: Mixed Phase 2-Dimensional NbS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition